Guiding Light Episode Recap, Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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Zach Conroy (James, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,737----Daisy and James wake up together in their sleeping bags. James suggests they go swimming in his pool that night. Daisy tells him she's glad they came camping, then they get in the car to leave. James drops Daisy off, and both smile when their backs are to each other. Billy warns James not to hurt Daisy. Daisy invites Rafe to James's pool. Marina thinks it might be weird for Daisy to hang out with Rafe and James, but Daisy says Rafe is her friend too. Rafe tells James he figured out he's with Daisy and is fine with it as long as she doesn't get hurt.

Shayne asks Bill if he knows where Dinah is. It hits Bill that Dinah was saying goodbye when he saw her last. Shayne says he doesn't know what he'd say to Dinah if he saw her again. Billy defends Dinah to Bill. Marina tells Vanessa she thinks Dinah is incredible because she found Henry. Shayne defends Dinah to everyone. Vanessa tries

to explain to Shayne that Dinah probably didn't tell him because she was trying so hard to be the right kind of person. Vanessa says that something must have happened to make Dinah think she had to come clean. Shayne gives Vanessa his and Dinah's wedding rings to give to Dinah. Bill and Josh are stunned when Billy announces he's going to marry Vanessa. Josh hopes it'll be a good thing for the family. Billy tells Vanessa he's going to marry her but hasn't figured out how to ask her yet. Shayne offers to help Bill with the house because he can't just sit around and wait for his life to kick back in.

Josh and Olivia are still spooning when he gets a call from Reva. Josh tells Reva he'll be right over. Olivia thanks Josh for his company. Reva is freaked out by a problem with her kitchen sink and asks Josh to come help her. Josh fixes Reva's sink, then offers to keep her company but Reva declines. After Josh leaves, Reva says she needs someone, but it can't be Josh. Reva asks Olivia if she has heard from Jonathan because she wants to find him. Bill tells Reva that he's been worried about her. Reva heads to the store and is distraught when she suddenly realizes she forgot Colin in the car. Reva arrives at the house and frantically grabs Colin, then rushes inside. Reva tells Jeffrey she can't do this without him. Josh looks at a picture of Shayne with Dinah at her wedding and then at a photo of him with Reva and Shayne. Reva is surrounded by photos of Jeffrey and Reva says she feels safe now that she feels him there with her.

Olivia tells Rafe she wants to find a way for them to deal with each other but Rafe says he's fine hurting her. Rafe admits to Marina how much he misses his mom. Doris overhears Marina say that Ashlee always feels like she's letting Doris down. Olivia, depressed, tells Doris she's unlovable. Doris reminds Olivia that their daughters love them, unconditionally. Josh comes to check on Olivia. Olivia tells him she really appreciates what a good friend he is. Olivia calls Ava and tells Emma she misses her and hopes she's ready to come home.

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