Guiding Light Episode Recap, Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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Grant Aleksander (Phillip, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,751----Phillip tells Lillian and Ed that he's had time with everyone but James, and now it's time to tell his family he's dying. Phillip is happy to hear that James and Alan are getting along well. Phillip asks to spend time with Alex. Phillip tells James he really needs them to spend time together. Beth intervenes and asks Phillip to let James go. Lillian tells Alan that he needs to figure out how to be there for his family after Phillip tells them he's dying. Beth tells Phillip not to push James, but Phillip tells her he doesn't have time to be patient. James tells Lillian that the only thing he learned from his dad is how to disappear. Lillian suggests he spend time with Phillip. Beth tells Alex that Phillip is the one who can't seem to let James be who he is. Phillip tells Alan he's spent his whole life trying to have a moment of connection with him, but doesn't have time to try anymore. Ed tells Lillian that he hasn't given up searching for cures, but the bone marrow transplant is still too high a risk for Phillip and the donor. James says he doesn't want anything to do with Phillip and storms off. Phillip calls after him. He runs after James, but exerts himself too hard and collapses to the ground.

Billy asks Reva to be the matron of honor at his wedding. Josh and Bill are planning to disrupt the honeymoon, but Lizzie doesn't think Vanessa will find it funny. Lizzie tells Beth about Billy and Vanessa, and says that it's every kid's dream to have their parents together and happy. Beth tells Lizzie she's not going to get back together with Phillip. Josh is surprised to hear Vanessa is almost done with planning and that Reva will be the bridesmaid. He thinks the wedding will be a turning point for their family. Lillian asks him when he's going to find someone. Bill jokes that Billy needs a real bachelor party. The Lewis family is gathered for a celebratory lunch. They each take turns making a toast. Josh makes sure Reva is okay before she leaves. Bill jokes about having "the talk" with Vanessa before she gets married. Billy tells Lizzie that they're lucky to have ended up with the person they're supposed to spend their lives with. Reva talks to Jeffrey's picture and says she will keep moving forward, but might need to take an occasional step back. Reva gets a call from Josh. Josh checks to make sure Reva got home okay.

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