Guiding Light Episode Recap, Tuesday, August 4, 2009

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Ron Raines (Alan, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,731----Alan picks up a call from Ed on Phillip's cell and mimics Phillip's voice. Alan is stunned by Ed's news. Ed says that the test results are not good and it may be too late for experimental treatment for Phillip's disease. Ed goes on to explain that the diagnosis and timeline is still the same, and that it's time to tell his family. Alan hangs up with Ed as Phillip returns, and he sees his son in a new light. Alan tells Phillip that Ed called... and Alan confronts Phillip about the fact that he's dying. Phillip admits his disease is progressive and incurable. Suddenly Alan's demeanor shifts and he accuses Phillip of lying to him. Alan tells Phillip he doesn't get to fix him and then die. Alan stops in front of Gerald's Purple Heart when Charlie approaches and thanks him for telling him about his dad. Alan slowly sinks down, thinking of Phillip. Phillip, frustrated and disappointed, knocks his pill bottles off the counter and sinks back against the wall.

Bill and Lizzie walk around their new house and take notes on what needs to be fixed. Bill promises they will raise Sarah there someday. Bill and Lizzie can't hear each other over the sound of the aero bed inflating. Suddenly the electricity goes out. Beth tells Matt about the work that needs to be done on the house. She is embarrassed after she asks Matt if he's asking her out. Bill gets an idea to cool Lizzie down with a cold bath and they start kissing. Bill and Lizzie emerge from the bathroom wearing only towels and are embarrassed when they see Matt and Beth there. Matt offers his services as a contractor. Matt is excited to help work on the house and suggests they live somewhere else during the renovations but Bill is determined to stay there. Lizzie tells Beth she wants her and Phillip to settle down together, but Beth says that Phillip has no intention of spending his life with her. Matt asks Beth out and she tells him she has to think about it.

Dinah tries to get Mallet to listen to her and accept that she's the killer. Mallet is silent as Dinah explains that she killed the man to protect Henry. Frank approaches and watches them, unseen. Dinah expects Mallet to arrest her but instead, he says she needs to live her life and they are never going to talk about it again. Frank has heard enough and walks off. Shayne walks up and Mallet tells Shayne he's counting on him to take care of Dinah. Dinah thanks Mallet before heading home with Shayne. Mallet apologizes to Marina for doubting her and says they'll work it out.Shayne notices Dinah is quiet and she says it's been an emotional day. Shayne carries Dinah over the threshold. Dinah tells Shayne she's afraid that she's not who he thinks she is. Shayne is certain they'll have a great life together. Frank tells Mallet he overheard Dinah tell him she's the one who killed the John Doe. Mallet explains that he wanted to give Dinah a break until tomorrow, but Frank says Mallet needs to take immediate action. Shayne slowly takes off Dinah's wedding dress then he slips into the bathroom. Dinah answers Mallet's call and is torn and afraid by his news. Mallet warns Dinah that Frank knows she's the killer and says she's not safe. He tells her he wants to help her.

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