Guiding Light Episode Recap, Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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Grant Aleksander (Phillip, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,746----Phillip talks to his headstone and says he's pleased with his progress-had a great day with Emma and Rick and that today belongs to James, Lizzie, and Beth. Beth is surprised when James agrees to come with her to Lizzie's new house. Phillip wants to spend some time together with James, but James tells him he needs to realize that James doesn't like him. Bill, Lizzie, Billy and Vanessa enjoy a double-date brunch. Vanessa tells them she's being "wooed" by Billy. Lizzie tells Billy and Vanessa that they have discussed having children. Billy and Vanessa tell Lizzie a funny story from Bill's childhood. Phillip shares an equally embarrassing story about Lizzie. Lizzie agrees to spend time with Phillip. Billy brings Vanessa to see the house and James offers to show them around. Phillip tells Beth he'll help her study... somewhere else other than the library. Phillip has created the perfect setting for relaxed study-exactly what he wanted for Beth. Vanessa doesn't want her date with Billy to end and takes him into her room. Bill hears something and heads toward it, with Lizzie behind him. Bill opens the door and they go inside. Jonathan hides in the rafters and hears Bill tell Lizzie he wants to have sex. Lizzie suggests they go home to make a baby.

Jonathan gets a call from Jeffrey and tells him to hurry up and kill Edmund. Jeffrey tells Jonathan he's working on it. Jonathan tells Shayne that he will never stop running and hiding to protect Sarah-it's an instinct that comes with being a father. Jonathan tells Shayne that Reva doesn't talk about Shayne much. Reva is happy to see her three sons together. Reva asks Shayne if he's okay. Shayne tells Reva that he knows she loves him, but they don't have a connection like she has with Jonathan and Colin. Jonathan tries to get Reva to take down one photo of Jeffrey, but she's not ready to. Reva tells him that Lizzie misses Sarah. Jonathan hides in the garage, on a call with Jeffrey, and tells him there's no sign of Edmund. Jeffrey wants Jonathan to get back, but Jonathan wants more time with Reva.

Mallet quietly watches Marina as she shows Henry the toy tiger Shayne gave him. Mallet announces he can't be part of the family anymore. Mallet explains that there's a deepening bond between Marina and Henry, and doesn't think he's part of who the real family is anymore. Mallet tells Marina that she has two choices-she can give Henry to Shayne, or Mallet has to go... Marina doesn't like the options and rushes out the door. Bill thanks Mallet for getting Dinah out of town, and tells Mallet to trust his instincts. Marina tells Henry that she thought they could work it out and she wants to do the right thing. Shayne tells her that the more he sees Henry, the more he feels like his life should be about making Henry's better. Marina tells Mallet she thinks they can make it work. Mallet says they have to sacrifice for Henry, and the only choice left is for him to go. Mallet says his goodbyes to Henry and Marina. He breaks down a little as he leaves. Marina comes out with Henry to wave goodbye and they share a last silent "I love you."

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