Guiding Light Episode Recap, Thursday, September 3, 2009

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Murray Bartlett (Cyrus, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,753----The family is stunned when a bank rep hands them Company foreclosure papers. Cyrus is determined to finish the book by the end of the day to save Company. The group is depressed about the foreclosure news. Cyrus, Ashlee, and Blake get to work on the final chapter, as Doris peeks in curiously. Doris tells Ashlee she should write a book about her sometime, but Ashlee says she can't because she doesn't know anything about her. Blake chats with the publisher while Cyrus hacks into the publisher's computer and is able to upload the manuscript before 6pm. Blake says they submitted Coop's book to her publisher, and they're advancing the money immediately. Buzz makes a toast to Coop and Jenna.

Lizzie can't believe Alan knew Phillip was dying and didn't do anything. Beth tries to convince Phillip to stay in the hospital, but Phillip says he would rather die at home. Ed explains that the "cure" is extremely risky and untested. James says it's not for Ed to decide and storms out. James announces that there's a cure that Ed wasn't going to tell

them about. Phillip and Ed explain that it's too risky. Lizzie wants to check if one of them is a match, but Phillip says he won't allow anyone to take that chance. Alan wants Natalia to tell Rafe that Phillip is dying. Alan is surprised to hear that Rafe enlisted. James and Lizzie demand to be tested, but Phillip is adamant that no one in the family will be tested. Alan wants to skip his cardio test, but Lillian tells him he needs to take care of himself so he can take care of his family. Rick nervously looks at the door as James gets tested. Alan and Phillip stop and face each other. Ed goes through the blood samples and discovers someone is a potential match. Phillip overhears Rick inform James that he's a match. James is excited, but Phillip is furious at Rick and says he won't risk his son's life. Rick tells Phillip that James needed to be a hero for his father and put his life on the line for Phillip, and that Phillip just walked all over James again. Ed tells Alan that they discovered Alan is a potential match and he could save Phillip.

Natalia invites Olivia to her sonogram where she'll find out if they're having a boy or a girl. Olivia tells Natalia she can't go to her sonogram. Natalia doesn't want Olivia to miss these family moments. Natalia reminds Frank about the sonogram. Olivia tells Frank that she's not going to Natalia's sonogram. Frank says she should do what she needs to do, and not over think it. Natalia tells Doris she's not giving up on Olivia because she's the love of her life. Olivia is overcome with emotion about Phillip's news. Olivia watches as Phillip lovingly tells Emma his sad news. James begs Rick to let him get tested for his dad and says he needs his dad to know he loves him. Emma wants to go to Natalia's and make cookies for Phillip to make him feel better. Olivia calls Natalia. Natalia welcomes Emma inside the house; Olivia doesn't stay. Natalia and Emma make cookies. Olivia stands outside the house, staring. Emma feels Natalia's baby kick and says she thinks it's a girl. Doris tells Olivia that important things are worth the risk.

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