Guiding Light Episode Recap, Thursday, September 17, 2009

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Justin Deas (Buzz, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,761----Bill arrives with Alan's remains. Phillip says that Alan's death reminds them that their life is what they make it every day. The family gathers and prepares to say their final goodbyes to Alan. The family meets Buzz at the lake to scatter Alan's ashes and discuss whether or not Alan would have wanted it this way. Buzz says a few words on behalf of the Spaulding family and the rest toss a handful of Alan's ashes toward the water. James accompanies his father on the beach as he mourns Alan and they begin to play Frisbee. Phillip tells Beth that Alan wanted to be brave and save them all. Alex holds her emotions in when Bill and Lizzie ask how she is and Fletcher shows up to see her.

Ed tells Rick that Michelle and Danny have a surprise for them. Michelle and Danny surprise Rick with news that they are moving back. Rick brings in food for the family. Rick says Ed had

something to do. Holly is stunned when Ed tells her he's going on an open-ended trip around the world... with her.

Buzz answers a call for Daisy and hands her the phone. Berkeley admissions inform Daisy that they have accepted her application and give her four hours to make a decision. Buzz tells Daisy that she should accept Berkeley's offer. Daisy tells Ashlee that Berkeley offered her a spot next semester and Ashlee urges her to accept it. Ashlee tells Doris that she's going to figure out what to do with her life. Daisy tells James about Berkeley, and James insists that she take advantage of the opportunity.

Cyrus makes a test batch of cookies and has the group taste them. The cookies don't taste good, so he makes a new batch. Remy tells Olivia that there is no record of his and Christina's marriage. He tells Christina that they're not actually married. Christina shares the news that she's pregnant. Mel gets ready for a birthday dinner with her parents and Cyrus shows up at her door with his homemade cookies. Mel and Cyrus make love.

Reva offers Jonathan to live with her, but Jonathan wants his own place. Josh asks Billy to help him kidnap Reva so that he can marry her. Josh explains that he wants Reva-she's his life. Billy warns Josh that Reva might not be ready. Josh finds Reva at a picnic with the family. Reva tells him that she's getting closer to becoming herself again. Jeffrey tells Jonathan that he thinks he will be able to get a clear shot at Edmund. Jonathan tells him to take the shot and come home. Jeffrey makes his way into the building across from Edmund's hideaway. He takes out his gun and loads it, ready for Edmund to return. Jeffrey's attempt to shoot Edmund is thwarted when Edmund's henchmen tackle him from behind and his gun falls off the roof. Edmund taunts Jeffrey and Jeffrey vows to kill Edmund. Josh tells Billy that he's right-Reva's not ready. Josh decides to find a life for himself. Reva gets off a call with Cassie and tells Jonathan she found the perfect place for him to live. Josh tells Olivia he's moving to Oklahoma and thanks her for everything. Josh tells Marina and Shayne goodbye before he leaves. Marina takes a picture of Josh, Shayne, and Henry. Reva brings Jonathan to the cottage Cassie bought for Tammy after their wedding. Reva tells him Cassie would like him to live there. Josh tells Billy that he has said his goodbyes and will be overseeing an HB Center in Tulsa. Jonathan speaks to Tammy, Reva overhears him, and he tells Tammy that he and Sarah are going to move into the cottage.

Frank asks out his online dating match (Blake). Blake replies to the message from her online dating match (Frank). Rick reads Frank's message that his match will meet Frank at the park.

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