Guiding Light Episode Recap, Thursday, September 10, 2009

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Ron Raines (Alan, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,757----Rick informs the waiting family that the procedure went well and now they just have to monitor how Phillip's body responds and how well Alan recovers. James tells Daisy that Phillip should've let him be the donor and James worries that Alan's body won't be able to handle it. Phillip and Alan slowly come back to awareness. Rick tells them things look good so far. Lizzie tells Bill that she feels like today is a beginning for their family. Josh and Reva play with Colin, Henry and Sarah. Reva jokes about what Henry is going to call Josh. Reva introduces Sarah to Daisy, then Reva takes a picture of her grandkids. Rick tells the family that the patients are past immediate danger and says they can visit Alan and Phillip. Lizzie rushes in and hugs Phillip, and then fills him in on how everyone is doing. James tells Jonathan that Alan is doing okay after the surgery. Jonathan doesn't tell James who he is. Jonathan asks Reva to come with him and Sarah to see Lizzie. James tells Alan that he was afraid he wasn't going to make it. Alan looks forward to their future together. Lillian tells Ed that she encouraged the families to go home and divide hospital time into shifts. Lillian thanks Ed for saving Phillip and Alan. Phillip admits to Beth that he was afraid he'd never get to look in her eyes again. Rick congratulates Ed on the successful surgery. He thanks Ed for saving his best friend. Beth tells Lillian that Phillip's alive and nothing else matters. Phillip is wheeled into Alan's room. Phillip thanks his father.

Rafe tells Ashlee that his mom likes Olivia. Doris tells Olivia that she hasn't heard from Ashlee since telling her the truth. Ashlee tells Daisy that her mom is a lesbian and is only mad that Doris didn't tell her sooner. Daisy convinces Ashlee to explain that to her mom. Doris apologizes for not telling Ashlee sooner. Ashlee hopes this could be a new start for them.Natalia tells Frank and Blake that Olivia and Emma are moving back to the farmhouse with her. Rafe suggests they play a game of softball and they start picking teams. The group is relieved when James tells them the surgery went well.

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