Guiding Light Episode Recap, Thursday, August 6, 2009

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Grant Aleksander (Phillip, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,733----Phillip tells Lillian that Alan figured out he is sick. He says he's just trying to resolve the issues in the family before he dies. Lizzie gives Bill and Matt a list of things to buy for the house. Beth wants Phillip to come see Lizzie's new house, but Lillian suggests Beth give Phillip time to catch his breath since he just got into town. Phillip tells Ed he needs more time. Ed tells Phillip that there's nothing he can do to extend Phillip's life and that radical treatment will either save him or kill him. Beth invites Phillip to Lizzie's house. Phillip realizes he needs to get control of himself and spend time with his family. Lillian and Lizzie are excited that the house can become a family project. Ed tells Lillian that there's nothing that can help Phillip. Lizzie is excited to see Phillip and thanks him for her beautiful house. Lizzie tells Phillip that she wants to host Thanksgiving in the new house. Phillip tells Ed that if he can't help him, he'll find help somewhere else.

Reva tells Jeffrey's picture that she's sorry about losing it at the funeral, and says how much she misses him. Josh is at a loss about how to help Shayne, who just wants to be left alone. Mallet is on his cell and checks to makes sure Dinah got off okay. Marina looks at Mallet when Frank tells her Dinah confessed. Mallet apologizes to Marina for suspecting she was the killer. Marina tells Frank that Dinah did them all a favor. Josh tells Reva that they have to help Shayne get an annulment. Reva closes the door in Mallet's face after he tells her that Jeffrey will be completely exonerated. Josh tells Marina that Dinah walked out on Shayne. Shayne's anger finally flares when Frank arrives, looking for Dinah. Shayne tries to block Frank from entering but Frank shoves his way in. Frank is starting to collect evidence when Mallet arrives. Shayne grabs a cop after the cop takes the music box. Reva agrees with Marina's defense of Dinah, but wishes Dinah had told them the truth sooner. Reva gets a call from Mallet. Mallet tells Reva that Shayne got belligerent and they had to arrest him. Josh tells Matt that he's trying to work through his anger about Dinah so that Shayne doesn't have to see it. Reva storms into the station to get Shayne, and then calls Josh. Shayne, in cuffs, is led inside. Mallet tries to explain it's not personal. Mallet tells Reva they're still searching for Dinah. Frank asks Bill if he's seen Dinah and informs him that Dinah confessed. Marina visits Shayne and is sorry Dinah hadn't told him. Josh comforts Reva and tells her he posted Shayne's bail. Marina suggests Mallet come home to rest. Shayne is released, and the family walks out together. Marina and Mallet head to their car just as Reva, Josh, and Shayne walk out. Shayne glares at Mallet, then locks eyes with Marina. Meanwhile, Jonathan has no luck reviving Jeffrey so he carries him off into the woods. Jonathan lays Jeffrey down and reassures Sarah that Jeffrey is a good guy. Jeffrey starts to come to life and warns Jonathan that Edmund wants to destroy everyone Reva loves. He bandages his leg and explains how much a threat Edmund is.

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