Guiding Light Episode Recap, Thursday, August 20, 2009

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Robert Newman (Josh, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,743----Reva sees the room still covered with pictures and remnants of the picnic. Josh tells Daisy that she should give Reva some space before she visits her. Reva puts away the picnic stuff and suddenly sees Daisy approaching. Daisy admits to Reva that she saw all the pictures and wants to make sure she's okay. Reva boxes up some of the pictures of Jeffrey and brings them to the basement. Reva sees a man in her house and realizes her "intruder" is Jonathan. Jonathan tells Reva he came to check on her and doesn't want anyone to know he's there. Reva introduces Colin to his big brother Jonathan. Jonathan makes a quick call to Jeffrey when Reva leaves the room. Jeffrey asks how Reva is doing and asks if there's been any sign of Edmund. Reva tells Jonathan about her "What the hell" wedding. Shayne gets his official annulment papers and tells Beth he doesn't want to forget Dinah-she did some amazing things. Josh tells Shayne that he should tell Reva about the annulment because it'll make her happy. Shayne goes to see Reva, but sees a man in the window and assumes it's Edmund. Shayne rushes in the house and starts punching Jonathan.

Mallet comments that Marina and Henry look good playing together. Shayne tells Marina that he wants to be a good example to Henry. Mallet watches Marina and Shayne as they play with Henry. Shayne thanks Mallet for cutting him slack the previous day. Shayne gives Henry a small stuffed tiger. Mallet joins Marina and Henry on their way to the zoo, and notices the tiger that Shayne gave Henry. Mallet stares at Shayne's tiger. Marina comments that their lives are better when things are simple.

Phillip tells Ed that it's time for him to tell his family he's dying. He clarifies that he'll tell his family after he's had one on one time with each of them. Ed tells Phillip that the BWD has progressed and is only going to get worse. Beth is a little short with Phillip, who realizes it isn't going to be easy to get one on one time with Beth after all. Ed warns Alan that his family will need him once Phillip tells them he's dying. Alan tells Daisy that he and James are going to be a great team. Phillip invites James to spend time with him, but James says he's hanging out with Alan and will be busy for the next few weeks. Phillip asks Alan to cancel on James so Phillip can spend time with James. Daisy tells James that Alan seems happier and she thinks James is doing the right thing. Alan isn't happy when he sees them kissing. Alan tells James that he could go far in life if he doesn't let anything get in his way. Beth is hopeful that Phillip and James can solve their problem.

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