Guiding Light Episode Recap, Monday, September 14, 2009

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Ron Raines (Alan, Guiiding Light)Episode # 15,758----Ed tells Alan that he can go home but he has to take it easy. Alan says that Phillip was the one who saved him. Jonathan doesn't want to go to the wedding, but Reva tells him he has to make Sarah feel it's her home. Jonathan calls Mel and says he needs her help. Jonathan watches as Alan rests with Alex by his side. Emma thanks Alan for saving Phillip. Natalia and Olivia are surprised to hear Alan say he's happy that Emma has two wonderful mothers. Jonathan overhears Alan say he's been fighting their kind of happiness in his life until now. Jonathan visits Alan and says he doesn't trust him. Alan tells Jonathan he's different now.

James tells Daisy he wants to take her to the wedding as his date. Blake sees Buzz and Lillian's love for each other. She logs onto her dating site and sends a message to her match. Frank gets Blake's message and writes back that he knows what she means. Blake reads Frank's message in which he invites her to join him for an event. Frank reads Blake's response that she already

has plans. Lizzie, Mindy, and Maureen help Vanessa finish getting ready for the wedding. The guys are out fishing when Reva arrives with food. Billy is determined to catch his breakfast as a Lewis wedding tradition. James tells Beth that he has a date to the wedding. Phillip asks Beth to be his date. Natalia wants to go to the wedding as a family, but Rafe says he already made plans to go with someone else. Natalia tells Rafe she's proud of him. Marina calms Frank down when James arrives to pick up Daisy. Buzz thanks Cyrus for covering while they're at the wedding. Buzz is excited to see Bridget and Nola arrive, and he leads the ladies out. Maureen, Mindy, Lizzie and Vanessa emerge from the car and are greeted by cheers from the guests. Billy and his crew arrive seconds later. Billy grabs Vanessa and is ready to get married. Everyone is milling about before the wedding when Daisy and James arrive. Doris introduces her girlfriend to Ashlee. Mindy tells Billy that she's proud of him. Bill assures Lizzie he won't let Jonathan take Sarah away again. Remy jokes that he and Christina should get divorced so they can get married again. Reva notices Josh and Shayne smell like fish and they explain they didn't have time to shower. Nola gives Vanessa a small blue quartz stone from Quint. Ed says he won't be in town much longer. Buzz pulls Lillian into a passionate kiss then drops to one knee and proposes. The crowd watches and cheers when Lillian says yes. Billy and Vanessa insist that they get married with them. Buzz and Lillian excitedly agree. Blake makes a call to Frank and tells him it's a double wedding. Frank tells Marina Blake's news and they rush out. Lillian tells Buzz there's something she needs to do. Lillian speaks to Maureen Bauer's gravestone and says that she hasn't let herself move forward since Maureen died but she deserves to be happy and has found Buzz. Beth and Lizzie help Lillian get ready. Beth tells Lillian that no one deserves this moment more than her. Billy looks at the crowd and announces they can get started. The guests are seated as Father Ray stands at the center, with Buzz and Billy on either side of him. Phillip walks Lillian down the aisle to Buzz. Bill walks Vanessa down the aisle to Billy. Father Ray begins the ceremony. Lizzie is shocked to see Jonathan at the end of the aisle. Lillian and Buzz say their vows. Vanessa and Billy share their vows. Rings are slipped on fingers. Father Ray pronounces them husbands and wives. The crowd stands and cheers as the couples kiss.

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