Guiding Light Episode Recap, Monday, August 3, 2009

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Gina Tognoni (Dinah, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,730----Phillip, on the phone with Ed, tells him to call when he has the blood results. When Alan walks in Phillip tells him they're going to get "famous pancakes." Phillip reveals to Alan that the owner of the café is the widow of the man who took his place in Vietnam. On his shock, Alan runs out. Confronted with years of emotion, Alan needs a minute to process. Phillip tells him now he can go ask for forgiveness. Alan tells Phillip he's scared to go back to the restaurant to face his past. He finally goes in and stares at the Silver Star "For Conspicuous Gallantry" that's on display in the cafe. He introduces himself to Charlie and says he knew his father. Phillip returns a call to Ed and says to call back with the blood work. Alan, alone, sees that Ed is calling Phillip's cell and answers the call.

A beautiful Dinah is ready for the wedding. Vanessa arrives for a mother-daughter picture. Josh helps Shayne with the finishing touches, and Shayne asks why he isn't with Reva. Shayne calls Dinah and asks her to meet him before

the wedding today. Shayne's waiting for Dinah with flowers, and they grab hands to walk together to the wedding. Reva tells Jeffrey's picture she's putting on a pretty good show. Ready for another happy performance, she leaves for the wedding with Billy. Lizzie and Bill unload their car, but don't want to be late for the wedding. Lizzie searches for shoes and realizes she'll never be a bride again. Mallet hides Henry's trust document from Marina. They talk of a fresh start, but aren't really being honest. Mallet goes through papers looking for Henry's trust info and tells Remy he's worried Marina is still lying to him and it scares him. As they feed the swans, Shayne tells Dinah they mate for life, and they talk of their future together. Billy tells Vanessa the wedding fever must be in the Springfield water. Josh asks Reva how she's holding up as she goes through her memories about Shayne growing up. Remy notices Mallet's a little off and asks him what's wrong. Marina tells Christina she loves her family more than anything. Dinah and Shayne arrive holding hands and the group applauds. Doris walks in to perform the ceremony, but they're waiting for Bill and Lizzie to arrive. Remy comes out to find a panicked Dinah in search of someone to give her away - he offers to do it. Bill and Lizzie arrive just in time for the wedding. Dinah tells Remy thank you and that he's her best friend. With vows exchanged, Doris pronounces Dinah and Shayne husband and wife. Vanessa leaves to set things up at Towers. Mallet, still hard to read, tells Marina he has to stop at the station first and he'll catch up. Champagne is flowing and everyone is celebrating. Josh tells Reva you have to grab the happiness when you can. Mallet tells Remy he's giving Marina one more chance to tell the truth. Bill makes a toast to the happy couple. Mallet confronts Marina about the trust...and why she was hiding it from him. She tells him she wasn't. Dinah overhears Mallet tell Remy that he needs to take Marina in for questioning because he has no reason to believe she's telling him the truth. Dinah makes a decision and starts to run after Mallet. Dinah tells Mallet he can't turn Marina in... because Dinah is the one who killed the man.

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