Guiding Light Episode Recap, Monday, August 24, 2009

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Crystal Chappell (Olivia, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,745----Olivia asks Natalia to leave after Natalia asks her for a job. Olivia doesn't want to be reminded of how much she loves Natalia and explains that it'd be too hard on her if they worked together. Olivia asks Alan to find Natalia a job. Frank notices Natalia filling out a job application. Natalia gets a call from Alan. Alan tells Natalia he's looking for an executive assistant. Lillian tells Olivia that Natalia will need a good friend while she's pregnant. Alan is stunned to see that Natalia is pregnant and tells her that Olivia pitched her for the job. Natalia thanks Olivia for talking to Alan about hiring her and points out that they can't help but care about each other.

James is texting Daisy when Alan walks in and warns James that Daisy is off limits. Alan wants to talk to Daisy, but Buzz tells him she's not there. Daisy breaks James's concentration by kissing him. Alan tells Daisy that if she

agrees to stay away from James, he'll make all the Cooper money problems disappear. James overhears and says no. James tells Alan that he wants to be there for him but he doesn't want to fight and won't give up who he is. Lillian doesn't want Phillip to waste any more time. Phillip agrees it's time for his family to know the truth. Phillip wants to spend time with James, but James says he doesn't want to. Phillip and Emma enjoy time together and he tells her he would spend every day with her if he could. Phillip asks Rick if he has time to hang out. Olivia joins Phillip, Rick, and Emma in their basketball game. Phillip and Rick are joking around, when Phillip suddenly tells Rick he's his best friend. Ed tells Lillian that he has found a possible cure for Phillip with a major bone marrow transplant... but it would leave the donor at too high a risk to die.

Shayne apologizes to Frank for his recent behavior and says he's trying to get over what happened with Dinah. Marina and Mallet prepare to take Henry to his doctor's appointment. Marina can't believe Henry is almost a year old. Mallet tells Henry's doctor that they know who the father is and can get his medical records. Mallet wants to talk to Shayne so they can make more informed medical decisions for Henry. Marina tells Christina that being a mom is the best thing that ever happened to her. Mallet tells Shayne he just wants what's best for Henry. Marina introduces Shayne to the doctor as Henry's biological father. Mallet sees Marina holding Henry next to Shayne-the perfect picture of a mother, father and child.

Cyrus tells Remy he wants him to go to Australia with him to look for Jenna's buried treasure. Cyrus tries to convince Remy to come with him and says that whatever he finds, he'll give to Buzz. Buzz listens as Christina reads aloud from one of the journals. Buzz can't find Jenna's NYC journal. Cyrus tears out the page that says "treasure," then slides the journal back into the middle of the papers. Cyrus tells Buzz he has to leave the country but that Buzz should keep working while he's gone. Remy tells Christina he and Cyrus have been assigned to a secret mission out of town. Buzz notices the torn out page in Jenna's journal and asks Frank if the station can detect what the missing page said. Frank tells Buzz that the forensics results found that the page from Jenna's journal referred to a buried treasure. Buzz is crushed when Frank tells him Cyrus went to Australia to steal whatever is there. Buzz decides to follow Cyrus and says that whatever the treasure is, Cyrus doesn't deserve it.

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