Guiding Light Episode Recap, Monday, August 17, 2009

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Kim Zimmer (Reva, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,740----Vanessa tells Blake she's been trying to get both WSPR and her life back on track since Dinah left. Vanessa tells Reva she's sorry Dinah hurt Shayne. Billy asks Father Ray to perform the wedding ceremony to Vanessa that day.

Billy invites Bill and Lizzie to his surprise wedding with Vanessa and tells them she hasn't said yes yet. Billy describes his surprise wedding plan, then heads off to see where Vanessa is. Lizzie tells Bill she's not sure it's such a good idea. Billy calls Vanessa, but she tells him she's swamped at work and won't be going anywhere. Billy asks Josh to be his best man at his surprise wedding while Bill tries to convince Vanessa to get lunch. Lizzie worries that

Vanessa won't like the surprise wedding. Billy decides on a new plan when Bill says Vanessa wouldn't come. Father Ray arrives, ready to do a wedding. Lizzie covers and says that Billy and Vanessa might be on their way now. Vanessa tells Bill that her day has gone from bad to worse. Josh and Billy move into action and kidnap Vanessa. Vanessa stops Billy and says she can't have a surprise wedding, but she's not saying no either. Billy invites her on a dinner date instead.

Reva realizes she locked her keys in the car. She calls Josh and asks him to help her get her keys. Josh manages to unlock Reva's car. Reva goes home and realizes her sink is broken. She tries to call Buzz for help, but Blake answers instead. Blake gives Reva the number to her plumber. The plumber doesn't answer, so, reluctantly, Reva calls Josh and leaves him a message asking for help her with the sink. The plumber ends up coming to Reva's. When she goes to write him a check, she realizes it's her one year wedding anniversary.

Olivia apologizes to Blake for being rude the other day. She tells Blake that she and Emma have lots of time to devote to the school fund drive. Meanwhile, Natalia arrives back in Springfield and is happy to be home. Natalia tells Father Ray that she knows what she wants now and it's what God wants for her too. Natalia tells Blake she now knows her home is Springfield and she's going to make her life there. She says she hasn't seen anyone yet, but is on her way to talk to Olivia first. Father Ray asks Olivia if she's heard from Natalia. Olivia says she's moving on from Natalia and is putting her life back together. Olivia picks Emma up and is happy she's home. Olivia and Emma go to the playground. Natalia looks all over for Olivia, but can't find her. As she's driving, she spots Olivia with Emma. She stops the car and calls out to Olivia. Olivia freezes when she hears Natalia's voice. The two women finally come face to face. Natalia apologizes for worrying Olivia and says she thought about her every day. Natalia steps out from behind the car and tells Olivia she's pregnant.

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