Guiding Light Episode Recap, Monday, August 10, 2009

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Crystal Chappell (Olivia, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,735----Olivia lays wide awake in bed and finally gives up trying to sleep. Olivia tells Blake they can't be friends because she helped Natalia leave. Frank says maybe Natalia left Olivia because she's too hard to deal with.

Buzz breaks into Cyrus' room using the techniques Cyrus taught him. He startles Cyrus but then tells him they need to get to work. Mel wakes Remy and Christina up and says she has a plan to save Cyrus. Mel tells Remy that she wants him to arrest Cyrus so she can represent Cyrus. Christina realizes Mel just wants to get closer to Cyrus. Frank disapprovingly watches Buzz and Cyrus as they talk about Jenna. Everyone is stunned when Remy arrests Cyrus. Buzz assures Remy that they were doing research. Buzz wants to bail Cyrus out and explains to Frank why he broke

into Towers. Olivia says she understand what Buzz is doing and why. Blake tells Buzz she could turn Coop's manuscript into a book. Remy brings Cyrus to jail and to his attorney-Mel. Mel tells Cyrus she's going to get him into a separate room from her other client. Mel gets Cyrus out and tells him not to worry-he'll pay her back. Cyrus and Mel flirt. Cyrus agrees to sneak Blake the manuscript after she tells him it'll make lots of money for the family. Ashlee agrees to help Blake make Coop's manuscript into a book and keep it a secret. Cyrus tells everyone that Mel got his charges dropped.

Phillip tries to wake James up at 5:30am so they can get to work on Lizzie's house. Phillip tells him to meet him there, as James continues sleeping. Bill and Lizzie can't believe Phillip is already at work on the house. Bill waves at Phillip through the window, then they get ready for the day. Phillip leaves a message for James, telling him to come over immediately. Bill joins Phillip and gets to work. Lizzie calls Beth and asks why Phillip started working at 5:45am and tells her to come over. Ashlee notices how tired James looks and makes him a coffee. James ignores his ringing cell phone. Phillip says he has to know that Lizzie has a house and is taken care of. Phillip leaves another message for James. He gets an idea when he sees Beth and Matt talking. Phillip starts giving everyone orders. Phillip immediately tells James to get to work when he arrives. Beth wants Phillip to stop pushing Matt on her. Bill and Lizzie discuss how strange it is that Phillip seems so happy. Matt steps in and breaks a fight between Phillip and James. Phillip finds James goofing around and scolds him, so James storms off. Beth tells Phillip that he needs to take his time with James, but Phillip says there isn't time. Matt invites Beth to come get coffee with him, and she agrees. Beth tells Matt she'll always worry about James, but she knows he has a good heart.

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