Guiding Light Episode Recap, Friday, September 4, 2009

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Caitlin van Zandt (Ashlee, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,754----Ashlee gives Buzz the first copy of Coop's book. Doris overhears Buzz tell Ashlee he's proud of her for finishing Coop's project. Buzz tells Doris there's still time to fix the fact that Ashlee doesn't know her mother. Ashlee is ecstatic when Blake hands her a check for the editor's fee. Doris tells Ashlee that she's been trying to protect her... then admits she's a lesbian. Doris explains that she was ashamed of the lie and of not telling her. Ashlee tells Doris she's angry but only because she was left out. Ashlee tells Blake that she really doesn't know her mom. Ashlee tells Rafe that her mom is a lesbian and that Doris was afraid to share her life.

Olivia tells Emma not to feel bad if the cookies don't make Phillip feel better. Olivia answers a call from Natalia. Natalia is disappointed that Olivia won't be coming to her sonogram. Frank tells Blake that Rafe is doing a brave thing by enlisting in the army. Frank calls Natalia and offers her a ride to her sonogram. Natalia tells Frank she'll just meet him at the hospital. Meanwhile, Alan stares at the folder that says he's Phillip's potential match, then makes a decision. He runs into Phillip and says he has things to do. Ed explains to Alan that he's a close match and could probably save Phillip's life but the risk is still too high. Alan asks Ed what the chances are that this could save Phillip. Ed tells Alan that there's no way to know and medically, he can't recommend it. Alan opens the folder that says he'

an 86% match and lets the papers fall into the water. Buzz admits that Lillian told him Phillip is sick. Phillip says the tough part is that everyone in town knows now. Olivia admits to Phillip that she's sad he's dying. Olivia tells Buzz that Frank is a great dad. Buzz says that the new baby is in good shape with Frank as a dad and Natalia as a mom. Blake tells Natalia to make sure she doesn't push Frank out by including Olivia in everything. Rafe picks up Alan's dropped papers. Alan tells Rafe he'll make sure Natalia has a job while Rafe is gone. Phillip tells Natalia he knows Olivia is pushing her away, but Olivia and Emma need her and will need her even more when he's gone. Olivia tells Rafe she thinks he made a courageous decision. Alan tells Buzz that there's a possibility Phillip could be saved. Alan tells Buzz his Vietnam story and admits that he was afraid of dying and has always been a coward. He tells Buzz that he's a match and could save Phillip's life, but he doesn't think he can do it because he's still afraid of dying. Alan asks Ed to explain how the procedure will work in Phillip's body and what will happen to Phillip. Natalia tells Frank that Phillip's sickness has reminded her how important family is and that's why she wants Olivia to be part of their baby's life. Phillip tells Olivia that she has someone who loves her, and warns Olivia not to lose Natalia by pushing her away. Alan tells Ed that he wants to be Phillip's donor and will take care of Phillip as an obstacle. Alan tells Phillip he can save his life and they need to get moving quickly. Phillip says there's no way he's going to let him do it. Natalia tells Frank she wants their baby to have a real family. Suddenly Olivia walks in and says she had to be there because she couldn't waste any more time.

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