Guiding Light Episode Recap, Friday, July 31, 2009

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Marj Dusay (Alex, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,729----An injured and determined Jeffrey struggles while walking through the woods. Looking at a photo of Reva and Colin, he tells them as soon as he's got Edmund he's coming home. Meanwhile, Reva and Josh reminisce as they prepare for Shayne's wedding. Reva asks Josh if he thinks Shayne would want the house. Dinah wakes Shayne up and hurries him to get ready, telling him they have so much to do to prepare for the wedding. Vanessa is waiting for Dinah with a horse-drawn carriage - to help the fairy princess bride with all her last-minute plans. Josh tries to give Shayne a "pre-wedding" talk - to make sure he's really ready for marriage. Marina and Mallet pull up behind the carriage - and when Dinah tells them Shayne arranged this, Marina tells her he's going to be a wonderful husband. Reva tells Dinah that Shayne is just like his dad, and they all go inside to choose wedding flowers. Mallet's waiting for Marina by the car, and tells her they need to get their facts straight with her timing the day of the murder. Rick gives Olivia's heart a check-up. He questions Olivia on her excessive drinking and tells her she's jeopardizing her health. Olivia drinks with the guys at Shayne's bachelor party. She dances with Josh, and Reva takes her home. Tired of Mallet's doubt in her, Marina eventually breaks down crying and runs off. Marina asks Mallet how they lost their happy family, and they promise not to keep any more secrets from each other. Reva tells Olivia she wishes she had the chance to say goodbye to Jeffrey, and that his lack of trust hurts her more than anything. In a mother/son moment, Shayne checks in with Reva to make sure she made it home okay. When Dinah comes in to pick up dinner, Marina asks how the wedding planning is going. Marina's happy Dinah found Shayne, and Dinah's happy Marina has a family with Mallet. Mallet opens the mail to a surprise: Edmund's set up a trust Henry will inherit when he turns 25. Meanwhile, Jeffrey, in the woods, tries to tend to his wounds. As he starts to go into shock Jeffrey collapses, then pushes through it to move on.

While stopping for gas on their roadtrip, Alan calls Alex to tell her Phillip is up to something. Ed calls Phillip and asks if he's up for this trip, and warns him that emotions can take a toll on the body. Alan's horrified they're staying at a motel, but he's determined to figure out Phillip's motive behind this trip. Phillip drags Alan to a baseball game and Alan feels out of his element. Phillip tells Alan he always roots for the underdog. The game's over and Alan tells Phillip he doesn't want any surprises - knowing Phillip has something up his sleeve. Alan gets it all wrong when he tells Phillip he knows he's trying to take over the company.

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