Guiding Light Episode Recap, Friday, August 7, 2009

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Justin Deas (Buzz, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,734----Buzz pretends he's listening to his iPod. Marina realizes Buzz is listening to the Jenna tapes and says he's been ignoring the restaurant lately. Cyrus gets a call from Buzz. Buzz tells Cyrus to come over so they can get to work on Coop's research. Buzz has organized Jenna's papers around the room and tells Cyrus he's keeping it a secret from his family. They get to work reading the journals. Buzz tells Cyrus he wants to break into a place to see how it feels. Cyrus preps Buzz before they break into the manager's office. Remy catches Cyrus and Buzz breaking in, then lets them off the hook when Cyrus explains he was teaching Buzz to be like Jenna. Frank and Christina hear about a break-in at Towers.

Mallet is making breakfast, listening to the news bulletin about Dinah. Shayne listens to the news about Dinah, and then heads out. Shayne approaches Cyrus and demands to know where Dinah is, but Cyrus says he doesn't know. Cyrus tells Shayne he won't find Dinah if she doesn't want to be found. Josh calls a lawyer to get Shayne an

annulment. Frank says he's going to have to bring Shayne in for questioning. Reva is furious that Dinah left the country. Josh wants Mallet to drop the search for Dinah and give up on the murder case. Mallet says he's going to try to wrap it up quickly. Marina says that someone must have helped Dinah get out of the country. Remy questions a mechanic who saw Dinah leave in the helicopter. Remy confronts Mallet after the mechanic describes the man who helped Dinah. Shayne tells Reva that he's mad at Dinah but misses her. Reva tells him that when you find someone who makes you happy, you have to hold onto it. Shayne tells Josh that Reva needs more help than they're giving her. Mallet tells Remy he needed to get Dinah out so she wouldn't go to prison. Remy points out that Mallet was going to turn Marina in, but saved Dinah. Marina notices the open door to the roof. Marina finds Shayne alone on the edge of the roof and hears him say that he doesn't want to let Dinah go. Marina tells Shayne to stop being mad at Dinah-she gave them Henry. Shayne thanks Marina for making him feel better. Josh lists possible spirit lifters for Shayne. Reva tells him she knows exactly what he's trying to do and to stop trying to fix her. Mallet brings Reva the released evidence they bagged when Jeffrey was the murder suspect. Mallet tells Marina they need to start fixing their relationship. Reva is surrounded by evidence bags with Jeffrey's belongings. She promises Jeffrey that she'll put all the stuff away. Jeffrey tells Jonathan he's not going home yet and is going to stay "dead." He explains that he needs to let Edmund think he's dead so he can get an advantage on him. Jeffrey tells Jonathan that he's doing a good job with Sarah. Jonathan gets a menacing call from Edmund. Edmund threatens to take Sarah and tells Jonathan that he took out O'Neill and will eliminate Jonathan too. Jonathan tells Edmund he'll never find Sarah. Jeffrey tells Jonathan they need to come up with a trap before Edmund gets to them. Edmund says he won't stop until he finds Jonathan. Edmund makes a vow to Lara to make Reva's family suffer and says he's going to get all his children. Jeffrey suggests they use Sarah to bait Edmund, keep her with someone safe, then go after him.

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