Guiding Light Episode Recap, Friday, August 28, 2009

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Robert Newman (Josh, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,749----Natalia is stunned when Rafe tells her he enlisted in the army and is leaving soon. Natalia doesn't want him to go, but Rafe tells her she needs to let him make his own choices. Olivia jokes with Matt about the fact that he didn't flirt with her today. Natalia asks Frank to stop Rafe from enlisting, but Frank says it's not about her, it's about what Rafe wants. Rafe tells Shayne he wishes he had a dad when he was a kid. Remy comforts Natalia and tells her Rafe is doing a good thing and she should be proud of him. Olivia apologizes to Josh for the other night and thanks him for understanding. Natalia tells Olivia about Rafe and says she needs her. Olivia says she can't be more thana friend because she was hurt and needs to protect herself. Natalia arrives at the church and goes inside to pray that Rafe be kept safe.

Buzz tells his family that he found a more amazing treasure than he could have imagined and leads them out to meet someone. Buzz insists that everyone come with him, and the group follows him out. Buzz introduces the group to Cyrus and announces that Cyrus is Jenna's son. Cyrus tells them he'll do his best to deserve to be a part of their family. Blake calls Ashlee to start on the last chapter. Marina tells Cyrus she's learning that life hands you surprises, and you have to learn to deal with them. Buzz thanks Lillian for being so understanding. Daisy tells Cyrus she thinks Coop would be happy. Rafe announces to the group that he enlisted.

Billy tells Josh and Matt his plan to woo Vanessa and propose after a year of dating. Vanessa admits to Josh that she wishes she were already married to Billy. Billy tells Vanessa he's planned a picnic for them. Josh comes up with a plan to force Billy to propose to Vanessa, and Olivia offers her help. Olivia drops the engagement ring in Vanessa's wine glass at the picnic site, and then they go hide. Vanessa finds the ring in her glass, Billy goes with it and proposes, and Vanessa says yes. Josh and Olivia secretly celebrate their success. Josh tells Billy what he did, and Billy calls himself lucky. Vanessa tells Matt she's getting married, and Matt says he wants her to be happy. Billy and Vanessa decide they want to have the wedding soon.

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