Guiding Light Episode Recap, Friday, August 21, 2009

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Crystal Chappell (Olivia, Guiding Light)Episode # 15,744----Olivia receives a surprise bouquet of flowers from Natalia. Frank tells Buzz that's he's trying to figure out what to do for the baby and Natalia. Natalia invites Frank to her next doctor's appointment. Frank tells Buzz he can't do online dating now because he's about to have a baby. Natalia invites Mel to bake cookies with her. Mel and Natalia both admit they're baking cookies for "friends." Mel brings Cyrus cookies for his birthday, and then they kiss. Cyrus and Mel make their way toward the bed, kissing, when Mel suddenly stops it. Cyrus reveals to Mel that his dog tags mark his mom's birthday and are all he has left of her. Blake explains to Olivia why she kept quiet when she knew Natalia was pregnant. Olivia doesn't understand why Natalia couldn't tell her. Natalia brings Olivia cookies and tells her how much she loves her. Olivia isn't sure she'll ever be able to believe Natalia again. Frank tells Natalia that he'll be at her doctor's appointment with her and wants to draw up legal papers about custody. Olivia finds Natalia waiting for her. Natalia is determined to prove that she loves Olivia. Frank gets a message from someone on the dating site and they start chatting online. Blake is on the other end of the dating site, and unknowingly chats with Frank.

Reva breaks up the fight between Shayne and Jonathan. Shayne explains he thought Jonathan was Edmund. Shayne accuses Jonathan of working with Edmund, and Reva explains why that's not possible. Reva tells Shayne that no one can know that Jonathan is here. Jonathan asks about Josh and what Josh thinks of the Jeffrey museum. Reva hears a car pull up and tells Jonathan she'll get rid of whoever it is. It's Olivia, who gives Reva the flowers that Natalia gave her. Shayne overhears Jonathan's phone conversation with Jeffrey, and assumes it's Edmund. Jeffrey checks in with Jonathan and makes sure Reva doesn't know he sent him. Shayne tells Jonathan that they're going to pretend to get along in front of Reva, but he'll be watching him closely. Reva thinks the two of them are getting to know each other.

Billy calls Vanessa to confirm their date that night. Vanessa tells Olivia she has a date with Billy and that people you love make you do crazy things. Billy picks up Vanessa for their date. They are on their date and laugh about a past business trip. Billy walks Vanessa to the door at the end of the date, and she says she doesn't want him to think she's easy.

Cyrus discovers that Jenna had a "buried treasure," but he doesn't read it aloud from her journal. Mel tells Cyrus he's officially a free man. Blake arranges for Ashlee to interview Buzz for the manuscript without him knowing. Blake calls Cyrus and tells him to leave Company so Ashlee can interview Buzz when he's alone. Buzz tells Billy that Frank is worried about Company, but Buzz is set on finishing his Jenna project. Buzz wonders what Coop and Jenna want him to find. Cyrus takes the journal that mentions the buried treasure. Ashlee has finished her interview with Buzz. Blake tells Buzz that she lost her one true love and can't imagine finding anything like that again. Cyrus reads Jenna's journal again and books a flight to Australia.

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