Sneak Peeks Week of May 22, 2006

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Gus confronts Harley about sleeping with Mallet. What will she have to say for herself? It clearly doesn’t matter as Gus ends up walking out on her. Has he left her for good? Could our favorite Springfield couple really be over?

Elsewhere, Rick tries to find forgiveness for his role in Ross’s death and Phillip’s fake death. Will he find it anywhere? Um, probably not, but having everyone hate him isn’t the worst thing to happen to him in the aftermath. What fate awaits him this week?

Meanwhile, Alan tries to connect with his family. Will anyone accept him after all his deception? It seems not, as Beth, Lizzie and Alan-Michael rebuff his attempts at reaching out. What will he do now? We’re told he seeks advice from another former screw up father. Who does he turn to? Apparently, he goes to Buzz for his story on how he redeemed himself after years of being a terrible dad. What will Buzz tell him? Will Alan follow his advice?

At the same time, Dinah admits to Harley that she plotted with Alan-Michael to take her down. How will Harley respond to her confession? Will she retaliate?

While Reva continues to hide her condition from her family, she has plans for her doctor. What does she have in store for Colin? Well, how about a little romance?! Don’t worry, not with her, but she does look to spice up his social life. Does she have anyone in particular in mind? Visit Springfield for the answers to all these questions and more this week on Guiding Light.