Sneak Peeks Week of May 15, 2006

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Harley and Gus discover some startling information. What do they find? Shockingly for them, they discover a recent photo of Phillip. How do they find it? Will they realize that he’s really alive?

As for Harley and Gus’s counterparts, Mallet comes upon Dinah thinking she killed Alan-Michael. Is that the truth? Did she really shoot the smug, manipulative A-M? We’re not gonna spoil that one, but we will tell you the cops come to arrest her. What are the charges? Will Mallet let them take her or will he protect his girlfriend?

Elsewhere, Lizzie is convinced that Coop is going to propose to her. Is he in fact ready to do that? Well, she thinks he is and the impulsive person that she is, she plans a party for the occasion. But will her party be justified or will she end up looking like a fool?

Meanwhile, Jonathan sees Reva at the hospital. Why’s he there? More importantly, will he learn Reva’s secret? Will she tell her son she has cancer, or will Reva continue to cover it up? To get all these questions answered and more, turn on Guiding Light all week.