Sneak Peeks Week of June 26, 2006

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Josh learns that Reva and Billy are heading out of town together. While he’s none too pleased with the situation and thinking they’ve gone to visit Marah, he calls his daughter for the details. But since they’ve gone to Minnesota instead, what will Marah tell him? And what will he think when he learns Reva lied to him?

Meanwhile, Tammy rushes Lizzie to the hospital. Is the baby okay? It appears so, but when Tammy calls Jonathan to tell him his baby is alright, she learns he’s left town. How will she react to him abandoning his child? Will Lizzie have anyone to come and support her? Like, say, Coop for instance?

Across town, Frank tells Gus the only way he can come back on the force is to partner up with Mallet. Will he accept the terms? More importantly, will Mallet?

Elsewhere, Marina has second thoughts about spying on Alan-Michael. Why does she rethink her plan? More importantly, will she figure out that A-M is actually on to her?

At the same time, Olivia’s car breaks down. Who comes to the rescue? It’s Buzz of course and there are obvious sparks between them. So does this incident finally bring these two together, or will Buzz just step aside like always? Sift through all the lies and deceit this week on Guiding Light.