Sneak Peeks Week of June 19, 2006

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After Jonathan announces he’s the daddy, Lizzie admits it’s true. You mean she doesn’t try to talk her way around the truth? Well, she probably does, but she eventually ends up spilling all. So how will Coop and Tammy respond to this devastating revelation? Will they stand by their respective others or walk away from them?

Thinking Coop went through with the wedding, Ava writes him a goodbye note. Where’s she going and will she actually get there? Furthermore, did Coop actually marry Lizzie or is he trying to get back to Ava?

Elsewhere, Reva doesn’t want Billy to tell Josh her secret. Will Billy continue to keep mum about her cancer? It looks like he does, but he wants her to let him take care of her. Will Reva actually let down her guard with her ex-husband and allow Billy to help her through this tough time? If she does, how will it affect her relationship with Josh?

Across town, Dinah finds a hotel room key in Mallet’s drawer. What’s she doing snooping around his things? The more important question is what does she find when she follows him to said hotel? Visit Springfield for all your high drama needs this week on Guiding Light.