Sneak Peeks Week of June 12, 2006

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After pulling Reva out of the way of Gus's speeding car, Jonathan takes his mom to the hospital. Has she been hurt? Don't worry, she didn't suffer any injuries from the near accident, but Jon does figure out Reva's little secret. How does he discover Reva has cancer? Furthermore, will he convince her to come clean to everyone about her condition?

Later, Josh gets a visit from a blast form the past. Who shows up? We know he's dead, but Josh apparently meets with his father in a dream. What does HB have to tell his son? Will Josh heed his words of wisdom?

Meanwhile, Lizzie has accepted Coop's proposal and goes overboard planning her big day. What does she have in mind? Will she actually make it down the aisle to the man she loves? Or will something happen to destroy her happiness?

Elsewhere, Dinah finds Gus in his car where he almost ran Reva down. What will she do when she finds his pills and the police show up on the scene? Surprisingly, she tells the cops she was the one driving. Why would she cover for him? Does she want something in return?

Across town, Mallet's former partner and lover shows up. What does Regina want? It seems she's there to catch up and also tell him she's been getting threatening letters as well. Who are they from? Could it be the same person who's been sending them to Dinah? Connect all the dots for yourself this week on Guiding Light.