Sneak Peeks Week of July 3, 2006

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Jonathan rips up the papers he signed turning over his rights to Lizzie’s baby in front of Alan and everyone else at the Bauer BBQ. He must know that Alan won’t like that, so why does Jon do this? More importantly, how will Alan respond to Jonathan’s actions?

Speaking of the illegitimate child, Lizzie goes to Lamaze class alone and her instructor asks who her birthing partner will be. Who does Lizzie offer up as her coach? It appears she can’t think of anyone, until a surprising ally offers their assistance. Who comes to her rescue? Will Lizzie accept?

Across town, Josh gets conflicting stories from Billy and Reva about his wife’s whereabouts. What do they tell him? What will he do upon realizing they’re lying to him? Can’t say, but Josh does find Reva’s contact number in Billy’s phone. Will he try and find her and straighten this whole mess out or has he had enough?

Meanwhile, Gus decides to build his and Harley’s dream house with his own bare hands. Will he accomplish this task? Perhaps, but he just might need some help. Who comes to his aide? It seems the ususal suspects show up and even one you might be sursprised to see as well. Who shocks everyone by lending a helping hand? More importantly, who will live there once it’s finished? Just Harley and the boys, or will Gus be moving in as well?

At the same time, Dinah and Mallet get a surprise visit. Who pops up to visit the happy couple? That would be Dinah’s mom and step dad. But why are Vanessa and Matt back in town? Could it have anything to do with a certain upcoming wedding? See what everyone’s up to in Springfield this week on Guiding Light.