Sneak Peeks: Week of April 17, 2006

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Realizing Coop is now with Ava, Lizzie tries to blackmail Jonathan into sleeping with her again. So, she threatens him that she’ll tell Tammy about their one night stand. But will he give into her demands? Oh, come on, this is Jonathan we’re talking about! So then -- how will he retaliate? Speaking of one nighters, Marina offers Alan-Michael a dalliance of her own. Why the turn around and why just one night? More importantly, will he accept what she has to offer? Or turn her down flat? Meanwhile, Dinah plants pain pills in Gus’s path. Will he succumb to temptation? Or can he keep his promise to Harley and stay off the pills? Across town, Josh tells Billy that he and Reva are back together. How will his brother react? Will he be supportive or lash out at him? At the same time, Frank gets new information on Ross’s death. What does he learn? Was his death an accident, or was foul play involved? Interesting things are afoot, so don’t be the only one left out in the cold this week on Guiding Light.