Guiding Light Sneak Peeks Week of September 22, 2008

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{mosimage}Natalia wants to work. She needs to work. So, she is considering a job at a strip club! Say what? Yup. But will she actually go through with it? Speaking of Natalia, Olivia offers to help her out. Does she hire her for something? We’re not one hundred percent certain, but we do know this. Olivia will get Natalia to the prison to see Rafe.

Back in town, Lizzie finds Alan in distress. Has he taken a turn for the worse? If so, will help arrive in time? While on the other side of Springfield, Grady has come up with a new scheme. This plan involves a robbery. What does he intend to rob? We hear it’s an armored truck. Will anyone take his plan seriously?

As Grady struggles to get others on board with his latest machination, Remy has his hands full. He helps deliver a baby! Aw. Who is having a blessed event? Anyone we know? Tune in to Guiding Light this week to find out.

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