Guiding Light Sneak Peeks Week of October 20, 2008

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Cyrus has words of warning for Dinah. He wants her to lay off Grady. Will she comply with his request? We can’t spill all the beans, but we can say this much. Cyrus gets an earful from Ashlee regarding the relationship Dinah has with Grady. Does he learn that their affiliation is more than “just work?”

At the same time, Frank wants Jeffrey to ask the judge for a search warrant to help them find Lizzie. Will Jeffrey acquiesce?

Meanwhile, yes Reva is of a certain age, and yes she is preggers. One thing she is not and that’s happy about all the people asking her how she managed to get with bun in oven at her age. Thankfully, Buzz lends a comforting ear. Is it enough to help her regain her confidence?

Speaking of Buzz, along with being Reva’s shoulder to lean on, he offers to help Natalia appeal Rafe’s case, as she wants to either change the facility, or change the sentence. Will Natalia accept Buzz’s helping hand?

While on the other side of Springfield, Olivia is excited about work, but gets distracted when she sees a pamphlet on heart transplant rejection. When Emma hands her a picture of what she wants to be when she grows up, Olivia becomes pensive, wondering if she will be around to see it. Does Olivia have new cause to be concerned? Find out when you tune in to Guiding Light this week.

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