Guiding Light Sneak Peeks Week of January 7, 2008

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{mosimage}It’s a week of revelations and sincere admissions in Springfield. First up, Reva slips and says how she really feels about Jeffrey. To whom does she confide? Is Jeffrey on the other end of her inadvertent confession? If so, how will he react?

Shortly thereafter, its Will doing all of the talking. To begin with, he tells Cassie that sometimes he wishes it was just the two of them. Why would he want to eliminate everyone else from their lives? Will Cassie be able to make him see things differently? Shortly thereafter, he comes clean and tells Mallet what happened with Edmund. How will Mallet handle the situation?

While on the other side of town, shocking news about Bill is a blow to everyone. We learn that Bill will now have to live with a major physical handicap. We hear it has to do with his eye site. Is this a result of the beating he takes? Wait – what beating?

The week winds down as we return to Jeffrey. He announces that he is going back to the DA’s office. Does this decision please those around him – especially Reva? Check out Guiding Light this week and see!

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