Guiding Light Sneak Peeks Week of January 19. 2009

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{mosimage}Lizze decides that she is no longer in a position to keep Roxy. Why does she feel this way? Will she find a home for Rox?

At the same time, as Lizzie is dealing with her situation, Bill gets an idea that has to do with Phillip Spaulding. Is he going to try and find him?

Meanwhile, in a case of mistaken identity, someone believes that Olivia and Natalia are partners in a relationship. Knowing full well that she likes men, Olivia later can’t take her eyes off a hot guy in a bar. Shortly thereafter, Frank kisses Natalia. Is she accepting of his advances?

While in a more mysterious situation, Reva convinces Jeffrey to find out more about the man who is apparently following Shayne. Does he agree? If so, what will he uncover about the mystery man?

Then, Marina and Mallet are disappointed by Maureen’s actions and they turn her over to Dinah. What has Maureen done to upset them? Will Dinah make it right? Keep your remote glued to Guiding Light this week and find out. But remember. Guiding Light is pre-empted on Tuesday, January 20th for the Inauguration of President Elect Obama.

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