Guiding Light Sneak Peeks Week of February 9. 2009

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{mosimage}First and foremost, he’s back! Yup, we are of course referring to none other than Phillip, who appears seemingly from out of nowhere. How will his first actions back in Springfield save the life of one of the town’s other denizen? More importantly, who escapes near death thanks to Phil?

Meanwhile, it’s Alan and Beth’s wedding day. Will the nuptials go off as planned, or will Beth’s dalliances with Coop blow up in her face before Alan gets to say “I do?” All we can say is that Alan knows more than he is letting on, not to mention the fact that Coop is heck bent on stopping the wedding. Will he get there in time?

Shortly thereafter, Bill now has a good idea as to who the kidnapper really is. What clues him in? Is he on the money, or totally off base?

At the same time, Dinah tries to warn Shayne about dealing with Edmund. Shayne admits that he actually enjoys talking with Edmund. Little does Dinah know. Will Shayne get Dinah to leave before Edmund shows up? Finally, the week winds down on a bittersweet note as Shayne shares with Reva and Josh the details of Lara’s last birthday while a bereft Edmund looks in on them from outside. Why wasn’t Edmund included? Find out when you tune in to Guiding Light this week.

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