Guiding Light Sneak Peeks Week of February 16, 2009

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{mosimage}Bill is desperate to talk to Phillip, but he encounters a major roadblock in the form of Frank. Why is Frank standing in Bill’s way? When Bill reveals that his memory has returned and that he now knows who kidnapped Lizzie, will Frank have a change of heart?

The saga of Natalia and Olivia continues this week when Olivia fesses up to having feelings for Nat. Who does she tell?

Denizens of Springfield take their turn visiting with Coop, who seems to get bouts of strength then collapses back on to his pillow again. When Buzz arrives, Coop tells him that he doesn’t know how much time he has left but that he’s glad he got the chance to really get to know him and is proud to call him his father. Frank is shaken when he realizes Coop was trying to say goodbye. Buzz can’t let go of his son and tries to hold Coop’s attention but he’s slipping. Are these Coop’s last moments? If so, with whom is Coop also sharing final words? As we can say is keep those hankies ready.

At the same time, Jeffrey has a surprise for Reva, but it doesn’t look like she will get the chance to enjoy it as they are soon interrupted. Who barges in and why?

Meanwhile, Remy arrives at Phillip’s cell to change the dressing on his wounds. He takes the opportunity to ask Phil why he’s returned. Will Phillip come clean? Find out when you tune in to Guiding Light this week.

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