Guiding Light Sneak Peeks Week of December 22, 2008

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{mosimage}Olivia and Natalia are living together, but it’s not a match made in Heaven. In fact, both of them express to various different parties just how they feel about the living arrangement. We’ve got to wonder just how long it is going to last.

At the same time, Remy makes a few decisions regarding the two women in his life, namely Ava and Christina. Does he continue with his plan to go with Ava to San Francisco, or does he take heed of something Christina’s grandmother tells him and choose to remain behind in Springfield?

Meanwhile, it turns out that Shayne has a very dangerous pastime. Dinah thinks he could be suicidal, but he swears it’s all and only about the adrenaline rush. What has gotten into Shayne that would make him put not only his life, but the lives of others in peril?

Reva and Josh mince words over Shayne and the part that Jeffrey has played in helping Shayne leave the country. But the strain is too much for Reva. Is her life in any danger?

While from China, Lizzie sends a video Christmas greeting to Bill. She vows that she will be by his side until his name is cleared. How will he react? Keep your remote glued to Guiding Light this week and see. But remember that on Christmas Day, Thursday, December 25th, the show is pre-empted. Merry Christmas.

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