Guiding Light Sneak Peeks Week of December 1, 2008

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{mosimage}It’s Thanksgiving for the Boudreau family. They celebrate at Towers. As the Boudreau’s engage in Turkey Day festivities, Dinah, in an effort not to be alone on the holiday, volunteers at a hospital for Thanksgiving and meets an irate soldier. Why is this guy so bent out of shape? Will Dinah be able to set his mind at ease?

While on the other side of Springfield, Bill wakes up. His first question is to Lizzie and it’s about the kidnappers. He wants to know if they were captured. What will Lizzie tell him? Does she reveal the truth, or is that too much for him to handle in his current state?

At the same time, Ashlee doesn’t believe that Coop is capable of having a casual relationship. What causes her to think this? More importantly, does Coop know that she’s right? Finally, the week winds down as Olivia tries to hide her current condition from Decker but he does find her all flushed and weak. How will she talk her way out of it? Keep your remote glued to Guiding Light this week and find out.

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