Guiding Light Sneak Peeks Week of June 22, 2009

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Kim Zimmer (Reva, Guiding Light)Reva finds Josh parked at her house and explodes. Later, Josh tells Shayne that Reva is devastated that Jeffrey set himself up, but Shayne is on Jeffrey's side. He says it's better than having Reva in jail.

Across town, Natalia tells Olivia she was hoping that today would be the day they could start to fix things with Rafe. Olivia assures Natalia

that she's not going to lose her son and they're going to make it work. But is Olivia being just a tad too optimistic? Will Rafe ever come around?

Meanwhile, things start to get hectic for Bill and Lizzie when they realize that they have only 21 days left to plan their wedding! Yipes. Will they be able to pull it off that fast? Maybe -- especially with the help of some good peeps like Lillian who tells Beth that Lizzie will regret it if they don't make this wedding day special for her. So, what does Lillian propose?

At the same time, Ed can't help but wonder why Phillip came out there to talk to an infectious disease specialist, so he comes right out and asks him. Phillip finally admits he thinks there's something seriously wrong but he doesn't want anyone else to know. Ed takes Phillip's blood while Phillip tells Ed his symptoms are worse than before. Will Ed keep Phillip's secret?

The week wraps up with Marina who tries to keep Mallet from going to the FBI with information on Reva. Mallet's retort? He thinks they should agree to disagree on this topic. Does he turn Reva in? Watch every moment of Guiding Light this week to find out.

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