Guiding Light Sneak Peeks Week of 8-24-09

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Ron Raines (Alan, Guiding Light)As the week begins, Natalia swallows her pride and asks Olivia for a job, counting on their history to secure work. However, Olivia is in a tricky predicament, and can't bring herself to hire Natalia. Is it because Oliva would find it too difficult to work together with Natalia after all they've been through? Here's what we do know. Olivia may pass on hiring Natalia, but she will not leave her totally out in the cold.

Speaking of Alan, he has a major problem with Daisy fraternizing with James. But when he puts his foot down, and offers Daisy a way out in regard to the Cooper money

problems, James doesn't agree to the deal. Later, Phillip decides it's time for his family to know the truth.

Vanessa and Billy go on a double date with Lizzie and Bill. But when it's time to say goodnight, Vanessa has other ideas. Does Billy go along for the ride?

On the other side of town, Mallet has come to a crossroads. He feels like an outsider, not the head of the family. He gives Marina an ultimatum. Either Marina gives Henry to his biological father, or Mallet is walking away. Will Marina take lightly to Mallet's decree?

While in more dire developments, Jonathan continues with his plan tohave Jeffrey kill Edmund, but things are not going as quickly as he'd like. What's the hold up? Meanwhile, Jonathan is enjoying spending time with Reva although she refuses to cooperate when it comes to a photo of Jeffrey. What does Jonathan as of her? Keep your eyes peeled on Guiding Light this week and see.

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