Guiding Light's Dicopoulis, Zimmer, Cole and Newman Head to Pittsburg for Breast Cancer Awareness

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Springfield's best shine a guiding light on breast cancer


Robert Newman (Josh, Guiding Light)Stars of Guiding Light turned out on Sunday April 6th in Pittsburgh, PA to attend, as celebrity guests, The Reach To Recovery Breast Cancer Benefit luncheon and fashion show. Reach to Recovery is a division of the area Young Women’s Breast Cancer Foundation and offers awareness and support to women under the age of forty who are prone to, or been diagnosed with, breast cancer. The Young Women’s Breast Cancer Foundation was founded by survivors that were all diagnosed when they were in their early to mid thirties.

The event kicked of with a meet and greet with Frank Dicopoulis (Frank Cooper, GL), Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne, GL), Robert Newman (Josh Lewis, GL) and Bradley Cole (Jeffrey O’Neil, GL). Fans and those in attendance were treated to photos and autographs with the daytime stars and appetizers of fruit, cheese cubes, and artisan breads in the lobby of the Coraopolis Embassy Suites hotel.

After the meet and greet over 500 guests filed into the grand ball room for lunch to be served, to hear speakers, watch a documentary hosted by Frank Dicopoulis, see a fashion show, and participate in silent and Chinese auctions. To the pleasure of GL fans one by one Zimmer, Newman, Dicopoulis, and Cole filed in to join us for lunch.

The afternoon was slotted to be hosted by a local newscaster, but in a fun turn of events, Dicopoulis and his cast mates took over the afternoon.

Frank Dicopoulis, Kim Zimmer (Frank,Reva, GL)To show the impact and need for benefits and awareness, foundations such as Reach To Recovery and Young Women’s Breast Cancer Foundation, the co-founders began the speaking by asking 20 year, then 15, 10, and five and under year survivors to please stand. The numbers got higher of those standing as the years went down. In a moving and bone chilling request, anyone who has ever known someone with breast cancer was asked to stand. The entire room stood in complete silence. Over 500 people looked around feeling the devastating impact this disease has not only on it’s victims, but on all of society. With the entire room stunned by the reality of the swelling numbers this disease is consuming every year, our hosts lightened the mood by introducing and thanking the stars of Guiding Light.

Frank Dicopoulis, a Pittsburgh native, took the stage to speak for himself and his fellow actors. Dicopoulis expressed, seeing the entire room stand when asked if they ever knew someone with breast cancer, was one of the most moving moments of his life. Never straying from the message of the day, Dicopoulis commended the men and women who work to bring awareness, research, and support to those with breast cancer, then opened bidding for a trip for four to the new set of Guiding Light. Everyone was taken by a pleasant surprise with this move, as this GL auction was not on the itinerary for the day.

Kim Zimmer (Reva, GL)As the bidding went up so did the booty as Dicopoulis, Newman, and Zimmer each took the stage to offer more than just a tour of the new set. Finally, Zimmer’s offer was anyone willing to pay $2000 would all be honored as winners. Hands went up, and what was a spur of the moment auction that was going to yield less than $2000, suddenly brought in $8000.

Meanwhile, as the fashion show took place and various survivors and experts of breast cancer spoke, Zimmer shopped the extravagant gift baskets for the Chinese auction with a fist full of tickets in her hand. Even Bradley Cole got in on taking a look-see at the gifts. Dicopoulis and Newman played around MC’ing the afternoon .

Throughout the day, tuxedoed-clad men had been selling pink rubber ducks for $10 to win a breast cancer survivor’s diamond pinkie ring that would be drawn for later in the day. After lunch, Zimmer spotted the basket with the unsold duckies in it and grabbed it up going throughout the room with her bigger than life personality peddling the rest of the ducks for the cause, selling out the last of the ducks in moments.

Frank Dicopoulis and winner As if the event could not have been moving enough, when Dicopoulis drew the winning duck, the winner was a breast cancer survivor featured in the documentary shown earlier in the day. The winner could not have been a more deserving person and all in attendance could see how moved Frank Dicopoulis was as he brought the winner on stage and he presented her with the diamond ring.

Though Dicopoulis, Zimmer, Newman, and Cole were in attendance to help with turn out, they certainly left their marks as individuals and worked hard to make the event as successful as possible. All four daytime icons made their fans feel as friends, not adoring fans helping to make everyone’s experience special and memorable for years to come while getting a most important message out. Whether you are a soap watcher or soap star, breast cancer can effect you and early detection, regular doctor and self examinations, and healthy habits are the best way to combat this potentially deadly disease.


Kennedy Roe, Kim Zimmer (Reva, GL)

Kennedy Roe and Kim Zimmer (Reva, Guiding Light)
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Bradley Cole (Jeffrey, GL)

 Bradley Cold (Jeffrey, Guiding Light) surveying the giftbags.
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Kim Zimmer (Reva, Guiding Light) 

Kim Zimmer (Reva, Guiding Light) dispatching ducks.
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