Guiding Light Gets Raw "Deal"

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Wayne BradyMuch to all of soapdom's chagrin, Guiding Light was canceled by CBS earlier this year.  The 72-year old show -- the longest running program in broadcast history --  is now taping it's final episodes and will air into September.

Since the announcement of GL's cancelation, there has been much speculation in regard to what will replace the veteran soap.  Could CBS introduce a brand new soap, some 21st century daytime drama dynamo to fill the time slot?  That would have been nice, and some consolation to the world of soaps, to see the network support the genre with a new, perhaps more edgy, soap opera.

But no. The network is returning to the tried and true. A game show. An old time game show at that.  It was announced today -- on Sunday no less -- that "Let's Make a Deal" will be joining the CBS daytime line up this fall replacing Guiding Light.

Soapdom has learned that a new pilot for the game show which first aired 46 years ago, was shot recently with Wayne Brady as host.  The comic song and dance man has game show experience, as his last gig was host of Fox's "Don't Forget the Lyrics."  It is expected that he will land the role as host for the new "Let's Make a Deal."

But this is what Soapdom doesn't get.  CBS is canceling Guiding Light, a 72-year old soap opera, to replace it with a 46 year old game show.  "Deal" debuted in 1963, was brought back in 1980, again in 1984 as "The All New Let's Make a Deal,"  again in 1990, and most recently in 2003.

Doesn't CBS have any new ideas?  How many times are they going to recycle this rather inane game show?

What would you rather watch? An engaging drama?  A brand new type of game show that captures the sensibilities of today's technologically savvy audience? Or yet another remake of "come on down."

Weigh in below.