Guiding Light: Little Light of Mine, Week of May 26, 2008

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Jeff is shot, Harley blows town, what's next in Springfield?

Beth Ehlers (Harley Cooper, Guiding light)Springfield has once again been hit by trauma when Jeffrey O’Neil is shot. Guiding Light does tragedy so well.

The town was slowly coming to grips with the truth that Gus was on the take. It was sad and disappointing for those who loved and respected him but none took it as badly as Rafe. Rafe took his father’s service revolver and shot Jeffrey, unaware that Jeff was going to clear Gus’s name. Jeffrey’s critical and Rafe is on the run with Harley.

Harley decided to honor the love of her life rather than attend Daisy’s graduation. How many times does Harley have to let her only daughter down and abandon her? I mean seriously? Plus, Harley was just hoarding a bag of cookies because she didn’t have money to pay the bills and buy groceries and suddenly she has the funds to go on the run with a kid that doesn’t even like her?

Daisy was not going to graduate, but Cyrus confessed to the shoplifting and fake ID scam so she was allowed to attend graduation at the last moment.

This time last year had you asked me about Daisy I would not have had a positive thing to say, but this young lady as a character as really grown. Bonnie, Daisy’s portrayer, has been allowed to show what a good actress she is; surpassing that of GL vet Beth Ehlers and the character of Harley who has gotten down right ridiculous. Is this a serial drama or a sitcom? Harley’s exit this week was good-bye to GL viewers, because Beth is headed to Pine Valley to join former co-star Ricky Paul Goldin. I hate to see any character that has been on the show as long as Harley/Beth leave, but it is the right time for her to make an exit. Harley is gone, so I see nothing to keep Cyrus in town. Where is that elusive immigration officer we have heard so much about the past year? Cyrus has run his course and needs to take the same route out of Springfield Harley and Rafe took.

Finally, we get to see Reva this week. She comes in for a few scenes when Jeffrey is shot but the scenes turn into “Bud & Reva are forever” moments. Inappropriate in light of Jeffrey’s near death condition. The movie thing….. What are the writers thinking? This is silly, and the girl playing Reva is down right annoying. My hopes for this project is, they don’t drag it out all summer.

Instead of a fake movie production I think a montage of “Reva moments” would be better. I have greatly enjoyed the retro photos of Reva and Josh that have been floating around as part of the preparations for the movie. Let’s see more real Reva and Josh stuff!

Lizzie, Bill, and Dinah continue to battle over the CEO seat of Spaulding. Lizzie is determined and seems to have a better head on her shoulders than Bill and Dinah combined. I got so excited when it turned out Dinah was “Phillip” and took control of Alan’s life and company; but what has happened with a strong, good storyline with tons of potential that could keep viewers entertained for possibly years?

Oh, and Ava and her baby? Anyone remember Jade from ATWT? Ava has run her course. It’s time for her to ride off into the sunset alone and stay gone. Ava sniveled her way into Springfield and continues to snivel, only with an lying manipulative edge now.

Lizzie was a one-time annoying character, but I love her now and hope to see more of her. The show needs to let her find true love and be happy, for once. A Lewis/Spaulding couple would make for some good storylines both current and future.