Guiding Light: Little Light of Mine, Week of June 2, 2008

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"G" has returned.  Reva and Jeffrey marriage doomed, history with Josh to blame?

Murray Bartlett (Cyrus Foley, Guiding Light)I open this weeks column with a follow up to the much talked about new filming format for Guiding Light. When the new format debuted in it’s entirety on February 29th of this year, I wrote a review for Soapdom moments after the conclusion of the show. At that time, I had mixed feelings about the new format. Overall, I was surprised at how well I enjoyed it. I did however have my criticisms, many of which the show has improved upon or fixed completely. I now have an all new complaint that seems to be a direct result of the end of the writers strike, or bad coincidence. I am not the only viewer and long-time fan of the show that feels Guiding Light is not itself in it’s new skin.

Leesa, of Frederick, MD a life long fan, tells me she doesn’t like the new format or the direction current characters are going, especially that of veteran characters and families with deep roots in the shows history. Leesa would like to see more of the root families such as the Bauer’s. She brought up a good point, Where have all the Bauer’s gone? And more importantly, why? What was good about the Spaulding’s, all have jumped the Springfield ship.

That said, Leesa, myself and I know many viewers, would love to see Grant Alexander and Vincent Irizzary return as opposite cousins Phillip and Brandon Spaulding. What a shake up that would be to bring back these old timers -- yet young, strong, and capable moguls -- back to town to put a stop to the “little rascals” style of business it seems Lizzie and Bill are playing. Lizzie is Darla, Bill Alfalfa and I guess Dinah is Spanky. This pains me to say about characters that have a strong foundation in the community and business world, but the writers have failed what once was or had great potential to make it into the Guiding Light history books for these young characters.

Aside from not relying on the wonderful cast/characters created in the past, Guiding Light, I feel, has fallen short with dialogue content for the sake of showing two characters sitting outside or a longer than necessary stay at one of the new sets. I still maintain for appearances, as long as the sound is correct and the camera stable, I like the new format. I do not like the conversation that does not apply overall to the bulk of the plot. To many characters “happen” to run into each other and rehash conversations that have no real relevance to the storylines simply so GL can get their money‘s worth out of this new town.

Harley is gone and Mallet is tempting viewers with his exit. May I say, if Mallet leaves, I hope he happens to run into Harley while out of town and they rekindle what they started over 15 years ago. I never cared much for the Gus and Harley storyline, because it began too much like the Harley and Mallet love story. I liked Gus and in time I liked him with Harley, but it took a long time for me to come to this frame of mind due to the replay of her love history with a fellow cop.

Then came Natalia. Thanks Daisy!!!! I have never, and will ever, like Natalia, because I have one question…. What does it take to make that woman happy? No matter what she has, good or bad, in her life she is always the victim and someone is always out to keep her down. I met Natalia’s portrayer last year at the Daytime Emmy Awards, only a few weeks after she made her first appearance on Guiding Light. She was sweet as can be, but I just cannot stand Natalia’s constant whining and martyr-ism. Leave town if it is that bad! Please!

I have heard time and time again great dislike to the Jeffrey/ Reva match-up, a thought I had many times over myself when GL introduced this pairing, but like the fans, I like this couple now. Reva and Jeffrey make a great pair. Unfortunately, I don’t think they will ever make it to the alter. Reva made the ominous statement in the soap world Monday that this would be her last marriage. She said this to Joshua by the way. So we all know there won’t be a marriage. By the end of the week Jeffrey was already regretting agreeing to marry Reva when she was pressuring him to make wedding plans. I’m not tore up over there not being a marriage; but I hate to see this relationship come to an end, as it has been the least troublesome for my favorite gal, Reva.

My next topic is proof of how great Guiding Light is when it comes to drama and twists! At seventy-one years old, they still manage to be the only soap I view that can really blind side me. Last week I spoke of Cyrus being played out as a character. Low and behold GL gave me and other viewers a one, two, punch out of nowhere by mid week.

Daisy found her car filled, with none other than, daisies! Who did it she wondered all week. Come to find out it was long lost love, and Tammy murdering, “G”!

Yes, Tammy’s murderer G is back and in pursuit of Daisy, who feels abandoned and vulnerable to his persuasion. That’s not all GL fans, you don’t think that alone would impress me…. G is the long lost younger brother of Cyrus. The brother that Cyrus has proclaimed he entered into a criminal lifestyle to support. Well Cyrus was taken aback as I’m sure all GL viewers then devastated to learn G spent time in prison; a fate Cyrus devoted his life to preventing.

Whoa! If he thinks he spent time in prison since he left the scene in January of 2007, what is G going to think of doing hard time for the murder of Springfield’s sweetheart, Tammy.

This is going to be a great storyline and dysfunctional family connection as long as Guiding Light writers, and the powers that be, make G pay for killing Tammy.

As always, like anything posted on you the reader/viewer are encouraged and welcome to post a comment below in the log about this weeks episodes, this article, or a general idea or topic that was not covered.

Until next week keep the light shining and expect anything!