Wednesday, September 26, 2007

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Ingo Rademacher (Jax, General Hospital)Carly is impressed by Jax’s plan to send Zacchara to prison for tax evasion if he tries to hurt their family. Carly clashes with Sonny when he has Michael and Morgan moved to his house. Sonny dismisses Carly’s claim that Jax can protect them from Zacchara and bluntly states that Jax is out of his league. Jerry cautions Jax that his move to back Zacchara off his family is only a temporary fix.

On the other side of Port Charles, Lulu uses emotional blackmail to get Spinelli to promise that he won’t tell Jason she’s been getting text messages from Johnny. Jason turns to ice when Lulu confesses she’s been in contact with Johnny. Jason orders Spinelli to use Lulu’s phone to try and get a lead on Leticia’s killer.

Lucky and Elizabeth gently break the news about the divorce to Cameron. Elizabeth packs up her things and is ready to leave Lucky.

At the same time, Nikolas violently attacks Jerry and then has it out with Alexis. Nikolas gets Alfred to admit he thinks Nikolas could have a problem.

The day winds down as Kate stands up to Trevor while she prepares to face the music in court.

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