Wednesday, October 11, 2006

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Alexis gently explains chemotherapy to Kristina. Ric and Sam support Alexis as she begins her treatment. Feeling awkward, Sam leaves Ric and Alexis to meet Jason. Sam tells Jason she can’t stay away from him despite her promise to Alexis. Jason declares his love for Sam. Sam realizes Elizabeth could be carrying Jason’s child.

Speaking of Liz, she accuses Maxie of getting pregnant in order to trap Lucky.

Across town, ELQ is in crisis when the Enduro scandal hits the newspapers. While facing the reporters, Dillon claims that getting a girl pregnant was the result of him misusing the condom, not because the condom was faulty. Georgie is sickened by the changes she sees in Dillon. Maxie has plans for ELQ.

At the same time, Skye can’t resist the urge to call Alan. Skye returns to her beach house to find Alcazar waiting for her.