Wednesday, May 2, 2007

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Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth, General Hospital)Spinelli hacks into the hospital computer and lets Jason know that Elizabeth’s due date is only days away. Elizabeth insists to Jason that if anything should happen to her during childbirth, then he’s to do whatever is necessary to save the baby.

Craig loses it when he finds that Nikolas has answered his cell phone. Craig decides to punish Nikolas by letting him die and plans on leaving town for parts unknown. Emily, Patrick and Robin put their heads together to try and come up with a counter-agent for the poison in Nikolas’ system. Nikolas tells a horrified Emily that he only has hours left to live.

At the same time, Brandon is impressed when Amelia explains how she plans on using an unsuspecting Sam’s unsavory past to their advantage. Amelia has Wes call Sam and pretend to be Todd Sullivan, one of the men she scammed.

Across Port Charles, Tracy gets advice from Alan’s ghost as she agrees to continue to help Luke fight off Scott. Speaking of Scott, Lulu threatens him but he won’t back down in his bid to gain guardianship of Laura. The day winds down as Scott warns Lucky that many ugly truths will come to light if he doesn’t get what he wants.

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