Wednesday, May 16, 2006

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Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, General Hospital)Jax and Carly don’t see eye to eye over his loyalty to Jerry as Jax feels his brother must have been coerced into committing his evil acts. Carly is tempted to tell Jason that Craig is in town and that he is really Jerry Jacks. Jax meets with Jerry, who realizes he knows the truth.  Logan spies on Alcazar as Carly confronts him about conspiring with Craig.

Skye warns Jason that Alcazar is planning on having him killed that night and reveals that he’s working with Craig. Sam explains to Amelia that she understands Jason’s motives for lying to her about his and Elizabeth’s baby. Sam makes Amelia promise to never reveal the truth about the baby.

Nikolas and Emily happily accept Lucky and Elizabeth’s offer to be Jake’s godparents. Emily questions Elizabeth’s motives for giving the baby the same initials as Jason’s but Elizabeth covers and dismisses her concerns.

Maxie sees Coop meeting with someone but doesn’t see that it’s really Craig. Craig blackmails Coop into doing his bidding. Maxie becomes suspicious of Coop’s behavior and feels as though he’s lying to her about something. Amelia plots to make Sam pay for what she did to Amelia’s father.

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