Wednesday, March 28, 2007

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{mosimage}Elizabeth becomes emotional when she watches Jason play with Cameron as she knows what it must be costing Jason not to be a part of his child’s life. Jason can’t hide the edge in his voice as he tells Elizabeth she has to come to terms with the decision she’s made.

Speaking of Jason, Sam insists that he be kept out of the public eye when Amelia and a TV crew arrive at the penthouse with Sam’s new wardrobe for the show. Sam is hit with past memories as she tries on several outfits. Aware of what she’s doing, Amelia says just enough to inwardly rile Sam about her past.

Across town, Robin and Nikolas balk when Mr. Craig wants them to pretend to have fallen in love. Meantime, Patrick voices his concerns about Robin to Alexis, who later pays a visit to Nikolas to see what’s going on. Mr. Craig and Nikolas get rid of Alexis by claiming they have important business but she remains slightly suspicious. Robin cleverly gets a sample of Nikolas’ blood to the hospital to be analyzed as she continues to brush off Patrick. Mr. Craig hides with his gun when Patrick arrives at Wyndemere to confront Nikolas.

At the same time, Lulu vents her troubles to a sympathetic Spinelli. Lulu announces she will go on separate trial dates with each of her three suitors. Later, Logan seems to go along with Maxie’s demand that they make it look as though Lulu is the one blackmailing Scott. As Logan sends Scott the blackmail demands, Maxie has a surefire way for Coop to pass the entrance exam for the police academy.

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