Wednesday, June 28, 2006

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Edward is full of regret as he remembers Justus on the day of his funeral. As Luke pays his respects to Edward, he opens up to Tracy about his marriage to Laura and later goes to visit her at Shadybrook. At the same time, Edward and Lainey mourn Justus.

Elsewhere, Patrick loses his temper when Noah assumes he and Robin are a couple. Following a huge fight with Robin, the young Dr. Drake suggests that he and Carly have casual sex with no strings attached. After Nikolas gives Robin advice about Patrick, she shows up at his room while he and Carly are about to make love.

Meanwhile, unhappy with his decision to reenter a life of crime, Skye decides she wants nothing more to do with Alcazar. However he makes it clear he plans on being a part of his child’s life.

Apparently feeling better about her plan to break up the reigning teen couple, Lulu conspires with Diego to drive a wedge between Georgie and Dillon. As for Diego’s part, he plays on Georgie’s sympathy and draws her into an embrace as a hidden Lulu watches.

While all this is happening, Colleen acts quickly to keep Nikolas in the dark after he finds her and John with Helena.