Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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{mosimage}Sam visits Jason and confesses that she watched as Maureen kidnapped Jake and did nothing to stop it. An emotional Sam blames Jason’s lies and betrayal for pushing her to act the way she did. Sam can’t be with someone who doesn’t completely support, love and trust her and tells Jason that they’re over. Jason threatens to expose Sam as an accomplice to the kidnapping when she bitterly says she’s going to tell Lucky the truth about Jake.

Speaking of which, Lucky convinces Elizabeth to go to the park with him and the kids. Elizabeth fights off memories of the kidnapping and gets through a rough patch with Lucky’s support. Amelia tells Elizabeth that Jason and Sam are almost certainly over.

On the other side of town, Scott and Tracy drag a protesting Lulu away from Logan’s room and take her back to the mansion, where they forbid her from ever seeing Logan again. After sneaking out of the mansion, a defiant Lulu goes to Logan and pulls him into a kiss. Shortly thereafter, Ric puts the pressure on Logan.

The day winds down as Alexis and a reluctant Carly agree to work together to try and find out who’s giving Jerry updates about Jax.

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