Wednesday, January 24, 2007

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{mosimage}Carly returns and is livid to find that Sonny has demoted Max to working behind the counter at the coffee house because he helped her. Carly insists she's going to divorce Sonny once his legal troubles are over. Carly then offers Max a job and he accepts.

Later, Jason loses his patience with Sonny and Carly and tells them to work something out before they end up hurting Michael and Morgan. Carly refuses to move in with Sonny as she continues to insist that they don't have a real marriage.

Meanwhile, Sam intercedes on Max's behalf with the hotel manager after Carly sends him to the Metro Court to become the new Head of Security there.

At the same time, Elizabeth agrees to have dinner with Lucky at the Metro Court. Lucky is confident that he and Elizabeth will get back together but Rodriguez has his doubts. Lucky enlists Sam's help to plan a special evening for Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Jason have a heart to heart talk.

While on the other side of Port Charles, Skye stops Ric from badgering Alcazar. Alcazar warns Ric to mind his own business.

Shortly thereafter, Nikolas meets with his Russian contact Arkady, who confirms that Helena and Spencer are in St. Petersburg. Nikolas has an intuition where Helena might be taking Spencer.

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