Wednesday, January 10, 2007

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{mosimage}Sonny demands that Carly open the door and talk to him. Carly refuses to even consider marrying Sonny. Sonny insists that Carly marrying him is the only way to prevent her from having to testify in court. Carly accuses Sonny of taking advantage of the situation to keep her form marrying Jax. Jason becomes worried when Sonny admits he is not interested in just a marriage of convenience with Carly. Carly seeks advice from Alexis. Carly is livid when Sonny tells her that Michael and Morgan think they’re getting remarried. Time is running out for Carly when Diane gives her a subpoena ordering her to appear to give her statement within the next several days or be arrested.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Skye sits by Alcazar’s bedside and anxiously waits for him to regain consciousness. Elizabeth notices that Alcazar’s IV bag has been tampered with and alerts Patrick and Robin. Patrick believes someone may have tried to kill Alcazar. Lucky investigates Alcazar’s attempted murder. Father Ruiz admits to Lucky that he had been at the hospital during the time Alcazar was poisoned. Skye asks Jason to help her figure out who tried to kill Alcazar. Jason warns Skye that Alcazar has powerful enemies. Robin finds Fr. Ruiz near Alcazar’s room. The mystery man lurks at the hospital.

Elsewhere at GH, Elizabeth grows increasingly suspicious of Maxie when she watches her stage a fall and play on Lucky’s sympathies as she claims to suffer from cramps due to the miscarriage. After speaking with Kelly, Elizabeth learns Maxie was lying about her symptoms and wonders if she staged the fall that caused her miscarriage.

At the same time, Sam confesses to Jason that she quit her job at the hospital. Jason is wary of Sam’s plan to work for the Quatermaines. Tracy dismisses Sam but Edward intercedes. Edward promises Sam that if she has Jason’s baby, he will make it his sole heir.

In the meantime, Dillon creates a diversion with the family to give Lulu a chance to search for Rick’s missing date book and loses his internship at ELQ in the process. Dillon and Lulu grow closer as they theorize about Rick’s murder. Georgie enjoys Pete’s attention.

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