Wednesday, February 14, 2007

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{mosimage}Knowing Mr. Craig will make good on this threat to shoot Lulu, Luke gives him a phony code to disarm the briefcase. Sonny gives Mr. Craig a persuasive argument as to why he should cut his loses and escape while he still can. Lulu defies Jason’s demand that she leave with Spinelli as she knows it will jeopardize the remaining hostages. Mr. Craig discovers Lulu and Spinelli. Spinelli claims he can use his computer skills to open the vault ahead of schedule.

At the same time, Nikolas and Emily refuse to leave Robin behind if they get the chance to run. Speaking of lives hanging in the balance, Tracy thanks Luke for saving Alan’s life.

Shortly thereafter, Sonny speaks from the heart as he tells Carly he wants to marry her for real if they get out alive. Then, Spinelli feels the pressure when Mr. Craig gives him one hour to open the vault or else Lulu dies. Sam and Elizabeth bond as Sam helps her through her stomach pains.

Over at General Hospital, Russell temporarily takes over when Monica freezes up during Alan’s surgery. Monica tells Edward, Dillon and Tracy that Alan’s prognosis is bleak. Edward regrets the mistakes he made with Alan then he disowns Skye. However, Ric has advice for Skye.

The day winds down as Maxie opens up to Three about the bad choices she’s made.

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